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User ID: #122195
Username: Squidily
Gender: Female
Last Online: 14 Sep 2019, 9:14 am
Registered: 27 Oct 2018, 9:46 am


Profile description

--Will be updated when I have time---
@ mods I share an IP address with, Unnamed-light.
Hello and welcome to my little cove! I have a lot of villagers because why not?

If you want to contact me, PLEASE pm me, I very, very rarely look at my comments. As I get upwards of 40+ notifications a day

~~Wish list~~
A male knife spider
Gembound Morphing Potion
Aquatic costume (For possible Gembound)
Star Guardian Mystic Kitsune
Rainbow Ray
Opal Ray
Male sharky
Any Drax
Any Hydra
Any serpent
Any draggy
Anything Squid or dragon related

Villagers 11

Comments 8

    • Aaaaa! Frick I'm so sorry! Tell me how much fc you traded me and I'll send it back. I'm so sorry for everything. ;;

    • Sorry again ;^; I stg I do not mean this.

      Just do like 1 fc to initiate it. I'll send it back with the buttons.

      Also I can try finding the picture again

    • Yes please. I'm sorry for everything being so slow. I don't remember which ones I've completed already so do send .

    • *It

    • yes he is best

    • If you could initiate a trade that would be good as I am still getting used to the whole trade system here on Furvilla.

    • Thank you for your comment on Pearl! Yeah, I have an OC dragon world, and the water dragons vaguely resemble seawings :P

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