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Username: Princezz_Fluffy
Gender: Female
Last Online: 28 Aug 2019, 11:11 pm
Registered: 3 Nov 2018, 9:12 pm

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I am going to leave this site very soon, so I would lile you guys to buy my stuff, most which is one furcash in cost :D.
My villavers are also available, so if you want one, hmu.

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    • awsome and thats finethank tyou for concuidering! i have an editor too so when you are ready or have made your mind up please pm me! tahnk you!!!!

    • Sdog88 Yes and I saw your post, but I am busy for the next couple of weeks, so I would not be able to draw, and I am considering working with you on the comic.

    • XD ok well u sound cool are you an artist?

    • Halo and why did u send me a friend request? And halo

    • Why thank you for the warm welcome!

    • You are welcome. Also, you bought a Rodent Morphing Potion.

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