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User ID: #123678
Username: Eurynomos
Gender: Male
Registered: 30 Nov 2018, 12:01 am

Profile description

Profile theme song, perhaps?

tumblr - toyhou.se

Dante - He/Him - Tired 24/7

I like to draw and listen to/make angry screamy music
Not as much as an edgelord as my music taste might make me seem, I promise

Currently learning Norwegian - it's fun
English is my third language, if I say anything weird or if I say something that doesn't make sense, please let me know and I'm happy to clarify

Most of my villagers are named after musicians/songs I like, on whim I decided to make a music themed village - I'm having fun with it

I'm pretty friendly and am happy to talk to anyone, so feel free to PM me
I'm on the official FV discord more than I'm on the forums

Painties I've drawn
If I've done paintie art for you, please tag with 123678

Originally from TEP, travelling through different villages for seeds and such

History, anthropology, indigenous lore, monsters/cryptids, worldbuilding, character designing, drawing, western/horror/Giallo films, Latin American cinema, survival horror video games/obscure video games/retro gaming, frybread, horses, cacti, succulents, deserts, Gothic Lolita fashion
~*Black Metal*~

Whitewashing of history, passive aggressiveness, art block, computers, general asshole-ry, music elitism
Varg stans and NSBM fans stay approximately 100 miles away from me

RateYourMusic - LastFM

Custom items I've commissioned

How to get a paintie made on a chibi base onto a shifty
Submit the paintie, then send a trade of the appropriate Magic Chibi Sticker and a Magic Elite Heart Gem to Admin-Mat
It needs to be a trade, not a transfer - make the title of the trade the link to the submitted paintie
You will get the non-magic sticker and magic depleted gem keepsake when your paintie is approved
This applies to FD Magic Stickers, I don't believe this is allowed with Festival Stickers

Villagers 14

Comments 9

    • Oh! Yes I still take commissions, I Haven’t posted in my of my art threads in a long time because I cleaned out my imgur account and accidentally deleted a ton of stuff I forgot was on my threads so I have to fix them lol.


    • yes sorry! I was working on building a house for them! I'll accept it one moment!

    • Of course I don't mind! n_n they're from this pixel blog under the pizza tag! They have lotsa awesome pixels under lotsa tags. Also pixel-soup has a cute selection of pixels too. :3 ♡

    • Thank you! Sakha is a very cool paintie as well~

    • aw, youre welcome! <3

    • ;0; Oh my! Thank you so much, that is so sweet. I must say I've admired Virgil since his paintie went up. :o

    • You totally deserve it! You have great art!

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