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User ID: #124661
Username: DuchieDrago
Registered: 15 Dec 2018, 6:48 pm

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I've got no ideas on what to put in my description, so.. uh

Places you can find me
Toyhouse - SaturnSparks
Transformice - Spacemousey
Amino - ADragonFloaty
Flightrising - Duchie (I'm a newbie lol)


Check out her Amino!

Might take a while to respond to messages, sorry about that ^^"

Fixing CSS

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    • HHH I won the lottery WH At

      . ^ .

  • Comment has been hidden

    • Uh Hi. No I'm not stalking. So the way you pfp is to go to any thread, find the blue setting button above the thread title, and then you click it and you see options for pfp and vistas (which are the decos, most types cost special game currency, check your quests in dropdown TownHall or the Furdollar emporium) The pfp can be put with any 100x100 image file.

    • Nice to meet you! Ty for the welcome ^^ :D

    • Welcome to FV!

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