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User ID: #127036
Username: JujuPlays
Gender: Female
Last Online: 31 Aug 2019, 8:51 am
Registered: 30 Jan 2019, 9:10 pm

Profile description

Alright so what I have bad names for my villagers? I'm bad at naming things xD

This is legit my life:
Me; I'm gonna do an internet!
Half the other people in the room: NOBODY CARES

I hate being misunderstood :'3 (And called annoying I HAVE MENTAL ISSUES Y'KNOW)

Juju or Julia||Bisexual||Female||I do not wish to speak of my age, thank you.||

Touhouse:: (Linking a character so it works OwO) https://toyhou.se/3564630.okami (Thank you pizzacassierole <3)


Leodon Morphing potion
Paintie ticket
FC(Preferably 50k)
Magic Gembound plushie(any)

Profile css by snowflakeartist, link: http://www.furvilla.com/forums/thread/34431-snows-free-to-use-css-help

Ignore the names of my villagers' pets, it's a joke lmao

Fairies I've been visited by:
-Green fairy


I cannot read white very well on purple or pink, please forgive me for testing out a purple-ish color.

Villagers 11

Comments 17

    • Thank you soooo much for the Gryphon Morphing Potion! Been wanting one for months! <3

    • It's no problem! Just send a currency transfer and I'll accept. Or you can set up another trade if you'd like and i'll cancel the current one.

    • hi

    • thank you SO MUCH for the potion!

    • thanks so much for agreeing to brew the potion! i'll try to get the ingredients as fast as i can, just tell me the recipe :3

    • Hey, how long will you take to brew a wickerbeast potion owo? cause' i want one really bad. i could pay for some of the ingredients (my current balance is 14k) and give you some art for the potion? i could add more to the offer :'3

    • Ahhh thanks XD it’s an addiction ;w;”

    • You're welcome haha! Def make a crafter though, then you can make houses, stables, and pots for free! You just need wood from exploring :)

    • Oh, do you have DMM houses? You can only use those of your village ^^ I can send a few your way, if you'd like!

    • Hiya! House items as in furniture? Furniture is bought in the third shop down from the town hall menu! If you're talking about like, the actual house item, crafters make those with wood you find on explorations! No schema or recipe required ^^

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