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User ID: #127277
Username: Sewgirl
Gender: Hoodie
Last Online: 17 Jun 2019, 7:04 pm
Registered: 5 Feb 2019, 5:30 pm


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I’m currently on a vacation to oceandome so, I did not leave tiger eye.


I’m Originality from Dragonsmaw Manor, moved to Tigereye Peak to share the spooks and scares!
Hello there fellow fur. I’m from The United States and I make fursuits! I
have a YouTube channel but it’s small, like me! Anyway I love dogs and birds. And I have 3 pet doggos.
Also I have a wishlist but I’m not fancy with it but here’s a few things that I would like/want,
-Puppy Balloonimal
-Spaniel Canine Plush
-Meatball Noodle Poodle
-Poodle Canine Plush
-Captain Pug Canine Plush
-Basilisk Chicken Plush
-Blue Topaz Gembound Plush
-Blue Tang Manokit Plush
-Clownfish Manokit Plush
-Orca Manokit Plush
-Australian Shepherd Chihuahua
-Fluffy Chihuahua
-Fancy Plant Drink
-Scarlet Pirate Parrot
And any type of furniture.
I also like anything with parrots,flamingos,alligators,bats, ducks and animals with hooves or farm animals.
Haha, yeah I really like dogs lol.
Also I apologize for it looking bad, it’s my first attempt. :’3
Some more random facts about me! I’m a Leo and I like anything scary, spooky somewhat disturbing, and any type of fair related things and carnival related things!
Also memes, there *mwah* FABULOUS.
I’m also a collector of cloud dogs, winter arctys, Arctic kitsunes and anything poodle or spaniel related!
I swear I’m a cloud dog addict, I have 28 white cloud dogs, and then one stormy boy.
Places I want to visit:
-oceandome- (I’m visiting there currently)
Ahhh, home place, dragons maw manor.
Cloud place (I’ll look back on how to spell it, I’m just lazy atm)
Old foxbury
New village that will hopefully come out soon, (the one for chief clawtooth or what’s his face.)
And the tiger eye, I already live there so no.

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    • What? I'm confused >~<

    • Aaaaaaaaaa go stupid aaaaaaa go crazy. Go stupid go crazy

    • Pfft, bruh, go right on ahead, I find this absolutely hilarious and I friggin love it

    • What's your youtube I wanna see your stuff if you don't mind sharing that is╭〄^〄'╮

    • Thank you so much! I know it's small but the fact you think I'm nice enough for a random gift means a lot to this lil chow <3

    • Yeah, I'll add you to the pinglist!

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