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User ID: #128574
Username: ZeKosh
Gender: Agender
Last Online: 21 Nov 2019, 11:33 am
Registered: 8 Mar 2019, 11:33 am

Profile description

Kosh | 23 | agender | they/them . he/him | ace | otherkin | little artist | Russia | ISTJ-T

Kosh Mayborn of House Coldpaws, the First of They Name, King of the Crows and the Nonresident Men, Protector of the Seven Minds , the Mother of Cats, the Khaleesi of the Great White Sofa, the Unwarm, the Breaker of All.

Send me a message if you want :D

Twitter [temporarily dead]
Ko-Fi Headshot for every Ko-Fi

+10 hours to the time of Furvilla

All feline \ reptiles \ horse plushes and pets and other stuff :) Full list. Caution! Huge!

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    • It's no problem! I'm quitting, so I am just putting everything into the giving tree.

    • Вауч, спасибо большое за трейд и сообщение! %D Я тоже не ожидал встретить кого-то из России, приятный сюрприз х') А предмет в трейде мне очень поможет, еще раз спасибо,,,

    • You do not need the female New Year ferret? :o

    • You sent me a potion? Thank you! Hehe.
      By the way, congrats to winning the One a Day Magic Plush Giveaway. : )

    • I don't know why you sent me a poition but thank you!!!

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