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User ID: #128770
Username: crystallizing
Gender: Female
Last Online: 21 Sep 2020, 6:53 pm
Registered: 11 Mar 2019, 11:50 pm

Profile description

• female (she/her), 21, chinese-canadian
• animal lover to mainly: tigers, corgis, dolphins and orca whales.
• Not a furry.
• obsessed with space and gemstone aesthetic/concepts
• shinee are my pride and joy that keeps me going
• casual anime/manga fan?
• i play lots of pc games like stardew valley and slime rancher for an example.

• flightrising
• dappervolk

• FD
• Magic Oceanic Gembound Plush
• Sky Coins

• Get all Galaxy & Angelic Villagers

Signed up together with my sister Moonbeau !
F2U css profile by: alxq , minor customization by me.

Villagers 27

Comments 10

    • Thanks for the trade, appreciate it! :D

    • I see that sky coins are on your wishlist. I have one or two I could give you if you wanted ^^

    • No worries! And of course you can keep everything else, just to change the village name since obviously she doesn't live here in Ghastfen Grove anymore. <3 Thanks so much. Btw, your profile css is so lovely! QwQ

    • Thank you so much for trading with me! :)

    • Thanks for trading!

    • I want to try to get it either way, too. Not sure about Silksong, another game I want to try to get after playing Hollow Knight, but I want to get WotW the most!

    • Yess! I adore the game so much! I'm hyped for the sequel. ;w;

    • Thanks for the purchase~ if you need anything or want to trade, please do pm me~

      anyways, i do hope you have a great day/night~

    • Any time! Let me know if I can do anything to help or answer any questions! A lot of folks on the forums are super helpful as well, and if you see someone around with a green name, they’re designated helpers too. Hope you enjoy furvilla!

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