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User ID: #129741
Username: Aesthetically_Weird
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 10 Feb 2020, 8:47 am
Registered: 3 Apr 2019, 12:13 pm

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Find me on Instagram!

Here's my Art Shop! (closed to catch up)
And here's my Trading Post! (open)

Villager Icon Effects by noll

1. @Moon_Star (Art Trade) Started!
2. Ochela (Icon)
3. Breezeyheart (Stickers/Plushies, Not paid)
4. @Oliver_Woolfe

~Wait List (Paid)~
1. @

~Please Note~
I only take 3 commissions at a time, due to school and other stress inducing factors. Please do NOT message me every day asking how far I got. Most likely I did not get far.

~I Accept These Forms of Payment~
*Paintie Tickets
*Magic Plushies (depends)

~Message Me If~
*You want a commission
*You want examples (currently cannot find them)
*'You need any more info

*Magic Plushies!!
*Exotic Morph Potions
*Paintie Tickets

I am always up to a trade! I will almost NEVER decline a plush trade! When trading, I look to get:
*Magic Plushies
*Villagers (That I do not own)
*Custom Vistas
Feel free to trade any time!

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    • I accidently canceled a trade that contained two plushies that were payment for art that you were gonna make me. So I was letting you that I'm resending them in a new trade.

    • You're very welcome! Let me know if you want another one, I have plenty!

    • heh. alrighty then....omg paint

    • You are very welcome! ^-^ Passing it on from someone who very kind to me and helped me out when I first joined. Feel free to shoot me a PM anytime if you have any questions or just want to chat. ^-^

    • Hi there, I'm Starla! I just wanted to drop in and give you warm welcome to our lovely community of Furvilla! ^-^ If you have any questions, see who is Online (top right of your screen below your username), Helpers are in Green and Mods/Admins have that in their username are in Pink. Also check out the Help link (very top right). Lots of info there and tutorials.

      Lastly herehere[/url] is a super quick guide to get you started. Welcome to Furvilla and hope you enjoy it here! ^-^

    • Bro Hary poter for ever as my to dogos olivander the great and bellatrix vildomort misstrist will live for ever!!!!!!!!

    • aye, I appreci8 it

    • I haven't picked one yet, I've been busy with other things

    • Oh, you didn't have to offer anything back on the trade. Its free from me as a gift. :) But I appreciated your gesture. Do you want the stuff back?

    • Hey there! Welcome to FV! I was a newbie recently so I'll offer some advice! Please tell your friend about this too! If you want to get a good start, have your first 4 villagers explorer, herbalist, warrior and construction worker.
      Explorer gets these seeds that gives to the herbalist to plant. As a newbie, you'll be making most of your money selling your plants via inventory and clicking the sell button. I make more than 100k fc per week selling plants once establishing a good flow of farming plants.
      Warrior gets you money (better rate than explorer) and drops that may be needed to make food, costumes, etc.
      If you're getting slabs, do not sell them! They're wood material to make a house. Once you start creating your 5th villager, it demands a house. Use your construction worker to build a house.
      Other info:
      You can change careers on a villager every 2 hours and each villager can learn 4 different careers.

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