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User ID: #13003
Username: badly
Gender: Male
Last Online: 4 Sep 2019, 3:15 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 7:28 pm

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deviantart // toyhou.se // tumblr

old | gay | married | ♂
My name is John.
Some people call me Badly.
I like robots, aliens,
monsters & pirates

neopets//flight rising


|| current projects ||

∆ plush quest: 269 / 288

∆ finish painties; fervor, hawk, cat, lich, sol & val, odd, infinity, hagström, gezora, snuggles, regulus, keelhaul

∆ master everything;
|| gezora [herbalist] ||
8/8 dragonsmaw, 0/8 oceandome, 8/8 foxbury, 0/8 tigereye, 8/8 quetzal

|| jinx [doctor] ||
5/5 dragonsmaw, 4/5 oceandome, 5/5 foxbury, 2/5 tigereye, 5/5 quetzal

∆ learn all recipes


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    • Nevermind, was able to save and get it for full price, definitely worth it

    • Any chance you'd take 1500 FD for your Wolf Plushie?

    • what's the little beasty critter in your avatar? I really love the design :o

    • Haha, it's all good, no worries!

    • Whoop I don't normally thank people for buying from my shop but I wanted to stop and thank you real quick! Because of your purchase I can finally buy a Thundercat box so it's greatly appreciated. Enjoy the Crossbow!

    • 4 battles in a row?
      I think I'll stop there and start on my essay, haha.
      I congratulate you for the win on the first round, but after noticing your pattern you were a lot easier to take out, perhaps you should change it up a little each time?

      Valiant is an extremely amazing warrior, and I really do like their costume. I wish you luck in future battles.

    • ; w; I think you did very well!

    • Valiant is gorgeous, thanks for the fight!

    • Do you take paintie commissions? I was browsing through the paintie gallery, and Gezora caught my eye. I noticed you have an egyptian sphinx cat in your wishlist, and I'd love to trade mine for a paintie (full charges).

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