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Gender: Apagender
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 7:29 pm

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Welcome to the true laboratory. Here you will find many of my past experiments. Some are still in progress, and other's aren't, shall we say, completely adequate. But they will get the job done . . .

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talk to me about ;; bastille - watsky - twenty one pilots - the neighbourhood - volbeat - undertale - off - gravity falls - steven universe - supernatural - doctor who - homestuck - game of thrones - its always sunny - rick and morty - futurama - game grumps - markiplier - jacksepticeye

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all my villagers painties are by me, for my exclusive use only.

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Comments 43

      Welp hooray I'm not alone!! :DD

    • all them shifty's are p shifty B)


    • Hands is one of the best panties I have seen so far. 10/10 would run screaming from your lab again. Yes, even if it wasn't the least bit scary.

    • i am returning to furvilla, slowly but surely. i have vanished into the abyss for a while but i should be becoming more active once more. thank you for all of your wonderful comments thus far, and i hope to see you all more frequently.

    • I stalk your villagers for new additions, I absolutely adore what you do with your shifties !

    • Hello yourself, undertale friend! I love your profile owo <3

    • Hey WINGDINGS! Nice profile and cool animals you got there! xD
      By the way... I can ''speak'' (as in read + write) WingDings, but only Caps Lock... ;u;

      (I accidentally learned it ok sheesh //*-*//)

    • whispers i will not be beat off of ur pa ge

    • Just start mashing things together :U oh wait... dont do that.
      and yes..pkmn go and sleep.....and eat.....that is my life....well technically it's just eat and sleep but still. I'll be going out later today with a friend to some areas for pokemon so that's something to look forward to lol. Hop a plan and come on down!

      I know that feeling tho so much.

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