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Username: DimkaDimintriFeline
Gender: Female
Registered: 22 Apr 2019, 10:57 pm

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Very busy this week, not spending much time on FV. May reply to a thread or two, but likely will not have time to sort through notifs. Apologies if it inconveniences you.

Free to use with credit, @DimkaDimintriFeline !!

CSS by TropicalDeer

I tend to get anxious/stressed out about notifications/messages/comments, although mostly messages. I apologize if I haven't replied or gotten back with you, it is most likely because of this. Please leave a comment on my profile or one of my villagers and give me a poke if it's been about a week since you contacted me!!

Don't be shy! I'll accept all friend requests uwu




↑All FNaF pixels made by GEEKsomniac on DeviantArt↑

Just got into the Animal Husbandry career, feel free to send any harem sales my way!!
(I breed for fun and to sell in the stalls, not to complete my menagerie =3)

What I'm currently breeding:
Fly Traps, Beta Bugs, Sharkcicles, Basilisks, Sugar Gliders, Narwhapples, Orcas, Manatees, Catbats, Sphinx Cats, Turtiolis, Ball Pythons, Seals, Piggies, and Pings. Please let me know if you'd like any rarity of these pets for less than stall prices or if you are interested in a harem when I'm done breeding them, I'm always open to haggling and accept leaves, currency, trades, and possibly items for payment!

signature art by Enchanted_skies

Other sites I am active on: (same username, DimkaDimintriFeline)
Scratch and Eliyo

Addicted to FNaF, (Springtrap, William Afton/Purple Guy, Lefty, Minireena,) Vintage MLP, (I enjoy the new MLP, but I don't consider myself a 'fan'. I am in love with collecting the old MLP figures and toys, however <3) GTFO, Siren Head, Chook & Sosig, Rain World, Risk of Rain 1 & 2, Carousel horses, (primarily American Carousel Horses,) Animatronics, (Rolfe and Earl <3, Mitzie Mouse,) aBsOlUTe F U R R Y T R A S H

Painties I've made:

Most recent art piece


Things that I hoard: (Clickable)

~~~Wishlist:~~~ (Also clickable)
~The items I hoard ^
~Art of my babu, Ichor (his toyhou.se)

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    • aaaAA its 3:30 A.M. w h a t i s s l e e e p p p p

    • Ah, ya welcome! Just a random act of kindness for ya. 'u'

    • Thanks, wishing you well as well XD

    • Ohhh no worries, thanks for telling me! Feel free to take your time; I appreciate the transparency, and hope things work out for you soon!

    • Aviva AnnaDragonShadow katethemarten
      So sorry about the late reply, I haven't had a solid block of time to take care of all of my longer notifications. I am responding to everything now, expect something from me shortly! So sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused, I just got pretty busy =(

    • DimkaDimintriFeline said:

      Please leave a comment on my profile or one of my villagers and give me a poke if it's been about a week since you contacted me!!

      OK, here you go then. (Still waiting with a trade and messages for your attention, when you get a minute.)


    • Hey! When you get done with the sugar gliders, would you like to trade them for a kitsune harm??

    • Could you respond to the trade I sent you?

    • Okay, now I REALLY wanna get to finishing them. XD

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