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User ID: #130801
Username: DimkaDimintriFeline
Gender: Female
Registered: 22 Apr 2019, 10:57 pm

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Free to use with credit, DimkaDimintriFeline !!

CSS by TropicalDeer

I tend to get anxious/stressed out about notifications/messages/comments, although mostly messages. I apologize if I haven't replied or gotten back with you, it is most likely because of this. Please leave a comment on my profile or one of my villagers and give me a poke if it's been about a week since you contacted me!!

Don't be shy! I'll accept all friend requests uwu

Just got into the Animal Husbandry career, feel free to send any harem sales my way!!

What I'm currently breeding:
Fly Traps, Beta Bugs, Sharkcicles, Basilisks, Catbats, Sphinx Cats, and Pings. Please let me know if you'd like any rarity of these pets for less than stall prices or if you are interested in a harem when I'm done breeding them, I'm always open to haggling and accept leaves, currency, trades, and possibly items for payment!

signature art by Enchanted_skies

Other sites I am active on: (same username, DimkaDimintriFeline)
Scratch and Eliyo
Addicted to FNaF, (Springtrap, William Afton/Purple Guy, Lefty, Minireena,) GTFO, Siren Head, Chook & Sosig, Rain World, aBsOlUTe F U R R Y T R A S H

Painties I've made:

Things that I hoard: (Clickable)

~~~Wishlist:~~~ (Also clickable)
~The items I hoard ^
~Art of my babu, Ichor
(have two beautiful Chibi Fallow painties awaiting Chibi Fallow villagers to submit them on UwU)

Villagers 12

Comments 86

    • NGL I just have really bad equipment

    • .......Slight internal screaming due to the fact that I tried so hard but, in the end, it didn't even matter

    • So YOU'RE the one who was kicking my butt! I was battling with a group in standard and couldn't figure out who SnoSpeckle belonged to XD
      You're welcome for the battles! Faolan's steadily growing stronger, so the next time we meet in the tourney she won't be getting flattened as easily lol

    • np you kicked my rear so many times

    • Oh man, I signed up during beta so at least I didn't have to endure that :') Hopefully it's gonna get better soon!

    • Lord no, it's suuuuper slow. I'm waiting until it calms down to actually make my avatar hahahah

    • *Leo appreciates the cherries* owo

    • It's been alright. Just checking in a bit before I head out for a while.

    • I’ve tried accepting him but it won’t let me :(

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