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User ID: #134095
Username: KaidaCresto
Gender: Female
Last Online: 1 Dec 2019, 3:02 pm
Registered: 24 May 2019, 9:43 pm

Profile description

Female - she/her - tired or hyperactive, no in between - cat owner

if you have any questions about furvilla or how to play , feel free to ask ! im also almost always open to talk and I always accept friend requests!

Things I do that you gotta know:
My sleep schedule is freaked up so don’t be mad if I don’t respond in the morning or evening
I curse like a person who got hot coffee in their mouth
If you be mean, be prepared to be bombarded with rude messages from me. (Golden rule my dude, treat others like how you want to be treated)
I might not respond quickly sometimes cuz I’m doing art.

My DA https://www.deviantart.com/kaidacresto
My Dragon Cave https://dragcave.net/dragons
My FR http://flightrising.com/main.php?p=lair&tab=userpage&id=470231
My TH https://toyhou.se/KaidaCresto

Villagers 17

Comments 28

    • to put it simply your link just leads to the site itself, not your dragons. do you know how to put the eggs in your signature?

    • your link just leads me to the dragoncave site. i am apparently still logged in

    • I finished your drawing in Draw the Villager Above You Poorly here.

    • The soup disciple is pleased that his lord thanked him.

    • thank you for the hug m8

    • Granting the wish of drawing your cat(will post another comment with a link when finished)

    • You're welcome! I have a habit of keeping random stuff people throw out.

    • Thanks so much for the frog! I didn't have that one yet.

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