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User ID: #137671
Username: Ochela
Gender: I wanna be my sona
Last Online: 25 Feb 2020, 3:51 pm
Registered: 18 Jun 2019, 1:27 pm

Profile description

Hello everyone! Is a me ya girlio Gianna xD
OK but for real this time my name is Gianna Pasquale
Just call me Gianna or Mexscal if you'd like!

ill tell you a bit about me !
well if you are asking for my pronouns you can call me She/her if calling me by Gianna , and if you call me by mexscal please he/him!15535096_2mNWbFm2haObNlJ.png

my nationality hmmmm...
Well i am half Mexican , Partly italian , and partly dutch!
But well ya know , i live in holland!

Now onto things is like (oh boy prepare yo self manz)
-little misfortune
-The binding of isaac
-My sona Mexscal of course uwu
-that sweet drama , or gossip (wink wink)
-Creepy games / creepy stuff
-bullet journal stuff
-Purple aesthetics
-also gore , any horror or thriller / action
-super animal royale

Now onto the things i dont like

-annoying people
-if someone keeps looking on my screen while im doing something
-having to wait a long time
-when i die in games >:C
-when someone lies
-when someone does somethinbg bad to my friends
-when i don't get involved in something (like parties of some sort ya know? ;-;)

well that was it really!
now i guess to say short-
i just love the internet and doing creative stuff Oh BUT MOSTLY!-
i wuv you all cuz yall so friggin noice qwq

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    • I cant spell. qwp

    • Nope not at all. Thanks for giving me you ideas. I going to get a Ds lite as yo can play GBA games, and ds games. I looking into what i should get first. Thanks for your ideas. :D

    • You know I just been looking into buying a DS lite. I was wondering since you like Nintendo if I could get a recommendation for a Game boy advanced Game?

    • It's pretty neat isn't it?

    • :O CSS buddies!

  • Comment has been hidden

    • omg xD

    • AHHHH~ Thank you!

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