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Username: ThatSoggyBread
Gender: Unspecified
Registered: 24 Jul 2019, 11:30 pm

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Will reply when I come back

Sorry if I don't reply to my profile comments, I get a little confused but trust me I get so excited getting them AHAHHA Thank you in advanced to anyone who does comment!

Stamps Guide
Furvilla Post Office
Selling Draws
Private RP/Open Comments (18+)
Free Morphing Potions

I will also trade you Foxbury equivalents to other towns' stuff:
• Normal/Rare Seeds
• Seasonal Seeds (Armored for Aquatic/Radiant/Sinister/Frozen)
• Containers (Sword for Underwater/Capsule/Claw/Frozen)
Just hit me up with a trade or a message

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    • Your art is absolutely stunning. I am in awe. q_q

    • I am in love with your postal pals. I would die for them.

    • Thank you soggy bread! I will never use soggy bread as an insult ever again!

    • Thank you for the stamp! :)

    • Your fur idol entries are gorgeous! I especially love Pumpkin Jacko's piece!

    • ahh thanks so much! :']

    • you always give me so many potions!!! thank you so much <33

    • Thank you for the potion! :))

    • Thank you again for all the potions!

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