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User ID: #143671
Username: FeralPunkBoy
Gender: Male
Last Online: 10 Aug 2020, 10:46 pm
Registered: 29 Jul 2019, 10:43 pm

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He/Him | Trans ⚧️ | Queer | 17 | Canada | Leo ☀ | Cancer ☽ | Cancer ⭡ | Overly emotional crybaby | Lovesick lil puppy dog | Sensitive lil baby | 1312

One hour ahead of FurVilla time.

If you wanna talk to me, don't be afraid to message me! :) (I'm not always the best at socializing though, so if I sound rude I promise I'm not trying to be.)

P.S, please check out my stall, thanks!

Wish List:
Bear with me, I know it's long.

-Dark Gemstones
-Vibrant Gemstones
-Sparkly Sprinkles
-Silver Pieces
-Bronze Pieces
-Gold Pieces


Feast Pets:

FD Pets:
-Dumbo Rat
-Aerkit - (SR)
-Firecat - (R, SR)
-Gaiacat - (R)
-Shell Garden Snail - (UC, R, SR)

Other Pets:
-Spooky Kitsune
-Kitty Ballonimal

-Mayor Chester Plushie
-Sinister Manticore Plushie
-Cowboy Kitty Plushie
-Stabicorn Plushie
-Fu Plushie
-Faux Leather Jacket
-Skelly Raven

-Magical Scarf Rabbit Plush

-Very Vampire Button
-Jack-owo-Lantern Button
-Lively Undead Button

My fursona:

Ref, original base by Niuxii (on FA) ⭣

Art by owoozlebamboozle

Paintie by GnarlyRamen21

Art by torvyr (on Twitter) ⭣

Sketch by D-e-m-o-n

.. I'm baby... :P

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    • Thank chu for the morphing potion! \(^-^)/

    • Thanks for the Thundercat!

    • You seem like an awesome person, have a great day!

    • thankyou <3 that really helps out with the last few points needed ^^

    • This is super late, but thank you for the plants ^^

    • Yeah, bulk is literally anything more than one in my opinion. ^^ thanks!

    • Ty for the rodent potion! That was one of the ones I wanted but was too lazy to buy! x3333

    • No problem- and thank you for the other Kitsoul!

    • Thank you so much ^^ I love Kitsouls!

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