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Username: Alewolf
Last Online: 28 Sep 2020, 7:19 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 8:40 pm

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I really enjoy role playing some of my villagers will have role playing post in their info box. feel free to respond.

Welcome to the PurplePalace Manor I hope you enjoy your stay and get along with all room mates around some are very friendly and others not so much but you're more then safe here.

Please click them




Art by Puck #2184


Costume Wish list:


Goal: Get every costume for a fox.

The Custom vista I got. I bought it. for those of you wondering how I got it.


Villagers 70

Comments 157

    • Oh they arent all mine! You can find the credits in her info section x3
      A few are mine tho q w q

    • Ryoma is such a good boy really. Nice to see that others like him too :0 I still don't know how to feel about Kokichi but I see why people like him (maybe I'll make up my mind once I finish v3). I'm jealous of your hat though. I actually wanted to buy Ryoma's hat but I can't make up mind between getting that, key chain charms or a monokuma plush

    • Well you better not of killed his robot dog, robot dog is best character even if I can't remember his name.

    • thank u!!! :D!!!

    • I love how misleading Minze design is

    • Ooooo digging the Danganronpa thing youve got going on :3ccccc really wishing I had a playstation now so I can actually play the games rather than just relying on the first anime lmao
      and youre a fan of Kokichi Ouma??

    • I...Uh, used an online version of photoshop- xD I don't think that is very helpful, but it's this if you want to look anyways. It's not really the best but that's what I use. But I took the default deer image and lined it up with that paintie, selected the pixels of the default and inverted the selection, then cut the black off the pantie. Though I had to patch the tail back in manually and erase some bits which is why it looked rougher...anyways idk if that helps but

    • You're welcome! Thank you for the help! ^-^

    • Thank you!! I love Mother, it's my life lol

      If you have a gameboy there is a wonderfully fan translated version out there people make into actual carts :) And roms exist of it too!

    • The gif is from a tv series called "The Mentalist" :3c

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