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Welp, looks like we're keeping a status now: Yako

We can't accept anything in item transfers because somebody sent hate, and so it's blocked :) To whoever did this: being mean to people won't help anything. Talk things out rationally and without malice, and perhaps people will listen to you. Have a great day ^^ -Jest

Please note. We're a traumagenic system. This should not be confused with kinning, or with endogenic systems. We usually don't add our names at the ends of forum messages, so if you want to know who's out, you can ask. If you have questions, feel free to DM. Accusing anyone on Furvilla of 'faking' any mental illness is not acceptable. You never know what someone has gone through, and to hear that is extremely invalidating, both to the reality that the person has gone through horrible things, and the reality of their being. On that note, please do not fake anything either. It makes a joke out of those who have survived, and that is never okay.
As for not mentioning it before, it was because we didn't know if we felt safe here or not. We've determined that we do, and we intend to keep it that way. It's hard to pretend to be like the host all the time, so we've given up and let it go.
-Jest and Nabbit

We're open to random conversations! So feel free to drop by the dms with anything you want to talk about or need to get off your chest ^^

Random Stuff about us:
- Social anxiety is off the charts so conversations might be awkward ;^;
- Might not be on here frequently cause school is starting back up and lockdown here is cRaZy sHeT ( 。_。)
- A lot of us like night-time
- I wouldn't give up a Monkee for all the money in the world >:0 -Jest

Fairies we've been visited by: (Thank you so so much for your gifts ^^)
-Unknown fairy? (Maybe a lantern fairy).
-Feline Fairy
-Kintsugi Fairy
-Duch Angel Fairy?
-Pretty Odd Fairy
-Shy Fairy
-Tatterhoof Fairy
-Wise Words Fairy
-Tangy Fairy
-OwO lord Fairy
-M0rphinA F4iry
-Fluffy Rosy Fairy
-Void Fairy
-Nightlight Fairy
-Plague Doc Fairy
-Troll Fairy
-Plushie Fairy
-Clownin' Fairy (Oh gosh the stardust is def. going in the gallery, thank you guys so much TwT)
-To the person who gave us the jawbreakers, thank you!
-To the person(s) who gave us the Decorated Snow Dolphin, Kitty, and Seal, thank you!


:Toothy Tokens
:Aeron's Fiery Kitsune
:Classic Bard Kitsune
:Kitsune Spirit Amulet
:Modern Bard Kitsune
:Haunted Fabric
:Winter Wonderland Festive Kitsune
:Star Guardian Mythic Kistune
:Vampire Spooky Kitsune

PM us for information on what we want to trade for the things on our wishlist.

While trying to get back to your village, you somehow had gotten lost. A few minutes ago, you were searching desperately through the forest, when it suddenly turned icy cold. Soon after, you had found a path. Deciding to follow it might not have been the best idea, you're now thinking to yourself. As you near the end of the path, and the trees thin, you hear the burbling of moving water, and what seems to be singing.
You step off the path onto the bank of a large river, the moonlight reflecting off the water. It's seemingly radiating cold. A dragon is sitting on a bench, watching the water move. He seems to be contemplating something. When he hears your footsteps and turns around, you see that his eyes are glowing an ominous red, and red cracks are showing on the front of his chest. You're frozen, unable to run, unable to open your mouth to ask what's going on, and even unable to blink. A mournful sigh is emitted as the dragon turns back around, and you're able to move again once the eye contact is broken. You can't seem to move your feet though. "Look... there." The dragon points across the river.
You do as he says, and to your surprise, you see the ruins of a city. Some blue lights are flickering amongst the rubble, and you squint. Will-o'-the-wisps? Your concentration is broken as the eerie singing starts up again, carried through the broken pillars and twisted pipes of the ruins. There seems to be a small town in a cleared portion of the fallen city. The aura of this place is a bit unsettling. Questions run through your mind. Where is the singing coming from? Will you brave the rubble of the city and enter the town... or keep your distance?

As you are deciding, a static-like noise crackles in your ear. You turn around, and are met with the smiling face of a Gem Raptor. "Hi there, stranger! I'm Azrael!" She moves back a little, giving you your space. "It's nice to meet you! We don't get visitors around here often, maybe it's because of how gloomy The Narrator is," she jokes, pointing to the dragon sitting on the bench. She's even more tinted than the night sky is at the moment, and has some constellations glitching around her scales. Occasionally, her entire body changes colors briefly, to pale scales and red gems with something dark trickling out of her eyes.
Another, less staticky noise echoes off the trees, as another dragon emerges from the woods, some steel in his paws, and a small Lunar Rat following him. "Hey Azrael! Hi unknown being!" The dragon greets you, smiling. "Really Illerea? Unknown being?" Azrael takes some of the steel he offers her. "Thanks," she says, then returns her attention to you. "I think this person is alright." Illerea nods. "Okay then! If you get to the village, please stop by our houses, we'd appreciate the company!" He walks away, chattering to his companion. You're left standing there with the raptor. The townspeople here seem to be friendly if a bit odd... Will this affect your choice?

"Well, good luck!" Azrael bounces off, heading across a stone bridge and into the town, leaving you with the gloomy dragon. "You've met my friends," he says, not looking at you. "If you do decide to visit the town, and stop by my house, I might have a gift for you... I appreciate any company that I get..." And with that, he vanishes, sinking into the shadow of the stone bench he had been sitting on, and appears on the other side of the river. He then heads into a small house near the edge of the cleared rubble outside of the town.

Heyo, Imari here with a brief update:
Sometimes we won't reply though we're online. It's cause some peeps can't type. So please don't take personal offense if we don't get back to you right away ;-;

Villagers 13

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    • Hehe yeah, Grimm! I made this icon like two years ago for halloween and uh, Never changed it. I drew it suepr quickly and its slightly lopsided, but hey, it works. It' feel weird if I changed it at this point

    • You are welcome! Enjoy the potion

    • You're welcome, I shall send them to you like that from now on

    • Oh that's sad, trade is coming soon

    • Understandable! Will cancel and send trade, also you should check that out, find out why you can't get to them transfer.

    • Do you know how to shield-surf? If you don’t I can tell you how

    • Yeah, to parry, you want to lock onto the enemy, have your shield equipped, and right before it hits, press A. You have to time it right.

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