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User ID: #145489
Username: nabob0410
Gender: Female
Last Online: 1 Jun 2020, 2:53 am
Registered: 8 Aug 2019, 8:51 pm

Profile description

Status: Online.

Our status is almost always accurate, we update it nearly all the time.

[Constantly under construction.]

-Click the fox on the right for: Closed Species Free MYO event-
-Click the fox on the left for: Pixel Art Shop-
We are currently looking for artists for a new species of ours.

Use us as the referral on Ovipets? Just copy and paste this into the referral ID box:

Please note/other things to maybe keep in mind:
-When replying to something I posted on your profile, please post here on mine, I likely won't see it on yours. -Nabob
-Go check out my threads! I've got a few free services, an PWYW recolor adopt shop, and a FR for FV trading thread ^^ -Amber
-I am three fairies, let's play a guessing game! -Jack

|We will always answer in character if you post on any of our villager's profiles ^^|

Our cat Pie actually looks like that cat there! ^

Random Stuff about us:
Nabbit has DID and a really bad memory, so if she 'forgets' something, and then 'remembers' it later, it could just be that Amber or I were around instead of her.
Nabbit is usually the one who's talking, but feel free to inquire if you want to.
Questions about us are also allowed, and Jack loves to answer questions like 'How did you find out about each other?' Amber is more 'What's your favorite food,' and Nabob likes to talk about anything.
If it makes you more comfortable, just think of us as a Flaildon.
Jack's favorite meme is 'You've just yee'd yer last haw!" Makes us crack up every time.
Amber tends to talk in a serious tone to everyone... so we're not trying to be rude ;-;
When you're talking to all of us, or just our host (not giving the name) you can use our username or just Nabob.
Amber has problems with trust and feeling like she belongs, so she tries to help others feel like they belong. Please don't take offense if you're new and you see her post on your profile 'Welcome to Furvilla!' She tries to make new people feel included, because it's like arriving to a new school, and having almost no one to talk to.
We never sleep but we probably should...
We're South Korean.
Our Zodiac sign is Aries. (Our birthday is April 10th.)
Amber is a Ravenclaw, Jack is a Hufflepuff, and Nabob is also a Ravenclaw.
Amber tries to do something for someone every year for our birthday.
Amber is socially awkward, and never know if what she says is right or not.
Jack loves all Glitch/Black and White Cartoon themes.
Amber was the one who made the logo for our Furvilla profile, and our villager's as well.
We use she/her they/them pronouns, though we do identify as female. (Us/our when referring to all three of us).
Mods: I move around a lot, and so my IP address changes sometimes. I sometimes have to switch computers, so please don't take the address changes as something bad happening.

Amber's box!
Hi! I'm Amber, short for Ambriel. I was actually the one who found Furvilla and first started playing it. We've all grown to like it quite a bit though! I'm around the most, but Nabbit does do quite a bit of talking around here. My fairy hint is: Plagues are a topic of interest.

Jack's box.
I'm Jack. Short for Jackie. Don't like to talk much, but I do enjoy answering questions. Throw them all at me. Fairy hint: Glitches are interesting, always have liked them.

Nabbit's box:
I'm Nabbit, I won't tell my real name. I am the host, and usually am around a lot, I love to battle monsters, make friends, and write. I love writing. Typing, traditional, who cares as long as it's some sort of writing. Anyways, feel free to talk or ask questions about us! My fairy hint is: Ah, evil rhymes. Like, actual ryhmes that have evil meanings. Geez.

Maybe if you stuck those two together, you'd get me in real life. Just maybe. -Jack

Fairies we've been visited by:
-Unknown fairy? (Maybe a lantern fairy).
-Feline Fairy
-Kintsugi Fairy
-Duch Angel Fairy?
-Pretty Odd Fairy
-Shy Fairy
-Tatterhoof Fairy
-Wise Words Fairy
-Tangy Fairy
-OwO lord Fairy
-M0rphinA F4iry
-Fluffy Rosy Fairy
-Void Fairy
-Nightlight Fairy
-To the person who gave me the Jawbreakers... eye see you! >:3

Wishlist said:

:Insect Wings
:Fairy Mushrooms
:Paintie Ticket
:Shifty Morphing Potions (bulk)
:Aeron's Fiery Kitsune
:Classic Bard Kitsune
:Kitsune Spirit Amulet
:Modern Bard Kitsune
:Winter Wonderland Festive Kitsune
:Star Guardian Mythic Kistune
:Vampire Spooky Kitsune

PM us for information on what we want to trade for the things on our wishlist.

You walk down an old path in the middle of the frozen forest. You hear the sound of water... and eerie singing as you near the end of the path. A dragon is sitting on a bench, watching the river. He seems to be contemplating something. When he hears your footsteps and turns around, you see that his eyes are glowing an ominous red, and red cracks are showing on the front of his chest. He blinks once, then sighs, turning back around. As you look across the river, you see the ruins of a city, and some blue lights flickering among the rubble. There seems to be a small town in a cleared portion of the fallen city. TheĀ aura of this place is a bit unsettling. Questions run through your mind. Where is the singing coming from? Will you brave the rubble of the city and enter the town... or keep your distance?

As you are deciding, a static-like noise crackles in your ear. You turn around, expecting to see something terrifying, and are met with the smiling face of a Gem Raptor. "Hi there, stranger! I'm Azrael!" She moves back a little, giving you your space. "It's nice to meet you! We don't get visitors around here often, maybe it's because of how gloomy The Narrator is," she jokes, pointing to the dragon sitting on the bench. She has pale colors, red gems, and there is something red running down her face from her eyes and mouth...

Another, less staticky noise echoes off the trees, as another dragon emerges from the woods, some steel in his paws, and a small Lunar Rat following him. "Hey Azrael! Hi unknown being!" The dragon greets you, smiling. "Really Illerea? Unknown being?" Azrael takes some of the steel he offers her. "Thanks," she says, then returns her attention to you. "I think this person is alright." Illerea nods. "Okay then! When you get to the village, please stop by our houses, we'd appreciate the company!" He walks away, leaving you with the raptor, who seems to be glitching slightly. The townspeople here seem to be friendly... so far... Will this affect your choice?

You look around to try to find the person who is singing. "If you want to find the source," Azrael says, "you should enter the town. We'll be waiting for you..." With that slightly ominous statement, she walks off, heading across a stone bridge and into the town, leaving you with the gloomy dragon. "You've met my friends," he says, not looking at you. "If you do decide to visit the town, and stop by my house, I might have a gift for you. I appreciate any company that I get..." And with that, he vanishes, appearing on the other side of the river, and heads into a small house near the edge of the cleared rubble.

Hi! Ambriel is currently obsessed with dragons, and Jack loves anything horror related and Five Nights at Freddy's. Feel free to talk to me anytime- I'd love to help out, chat, or just answer random questions (questions about DID are fine too). Bnha is amazing, and Tokoyami and Bakugou are our favorite characters (and Twice, he's like Azrael lol). How about you?

What we're hoarding at the moment:
Any and all Dragon Scales.
These guys.
These guys as well.
Don't forget these cuties.
Also hoarding these little sailors.
These plushies are so cute!

Will pay for at a reasonable price: (I LOVE THEIR FACES).
Winter Monkee
Summer Monkee

Villagers 12

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    • Great!!
      Thanks, it has luckily been pretty manageable recently =) I've been keeping myself busy and doing things that require more attention before I sleep (that's usually when it would hit me, when I'm trying to sleep) so that I'm a bit more tired and ready to sleep ^w^ I've also found that not focusing on bad thoughts helps, although this quarantine is taxing on many ways, I'm glad that it's let me learn ways to manage my mind >w<

    • Omg autocorrect whhhyyyy
      *hope the movie was good
      *caused by
      *so it'll be interesting once I get around to setting up an appointment.

    • It's fine lol, hope the .good was good! I am going to have to arrange a visit to the doctor eventually, as many things point towards me having severe social anxiety causes by a major traumatic situation that happened last September/October and my depression which used to be mostly manageable has worsened due to the same thing -_- And I really don't like talking about what I usually hide, so it'll surely be interesting once I get around to it.

    • Woah-that's really interesting!! I'll definitely have to keep on reading up on that ^w^ I enjoyed reading through your new profile description too, I have heard of DID before but never much in-depth.

    • No worries! I have that issue as well XD I unfortunately don't, but I am quite curious if it now =0

    • Of course!! I've been quite well, just got back into animating and finished a MAP part over the last 26 hours ^w^ It's been so long since I've animated I think I had forgotten how much fun it is! Anything interesting happen lately?

    • How have you been? It's been a while since we've talked. I hope you're well!! <3

    • I'll send a DM explaining, vaguely, but I dont know if I want it out in the open.

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