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Username: GraffitiThedoggo
Gender: Female
Last Online: 21 Oct 2019, 3:23 pm
Registered: 9 Aug 2019, 7:58 pm


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Hello!! I'm GraffitiThedoggo, but please call me Graf! I'm a bi/pan Doggo who loves books, music, food, plushies, and claw machines!! I'm a guitarist and Traditional artist, as well as a hopeful coffee barista. I love friends, and Thanks for checking me out!

Paintie tickets!
morphing potions!

Villagers 8

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    • Is that the only sticker you want? Let me know if there are any others ^^

    • YMCA is by Village People! Just wanted to say XD also, I know you likely meant the actual alphabet, but the Jackson 5 did have a song called "ABC"! Remember to only pick songs that you know both the title and the artist! ^^

    • Thank you for the seeds!


      Hi person :D

    • Yo what's good! Nice to meet another artist : D

    • Thanks for the friend request. It's always great to meet new people on here! ^_^

    • No problem, and thank you so much for the plushie!! <3

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