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User ID: #147028
Username: anmalea
Gender: Female
Last Online: 12 Nov 2019, 2:27 pm
Registered: 19 Aug 2019, 2:44 pm
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hewwo if im online feel free to trd me manokit potions or plush i hv cuddly sheep plushies to trd and other plush and i could use another villager and i do free esplorer levlel ups if u want

Villagers 8

Comments 16

    • thank but I have to decline your offer

    • I saw you posted your tiktok name on the forums so I decided to take a look!

    • Thank you, I will accept your gift~~!! I have a rabbit and an elephant potion, would you like one?

    • Hello there~~ Really nice profile you have, and cute villagers!!

    • oh that exsplains it i live inoceadome

    • Wickerbeast morphing potions are made by Alchemists, the recipe is sold in the Dragon's Maw Manor recipe shop.

    • Thank you! c:

    • Thank you, but I didn't make any of my painties! If you click on my villagers each of their descriptions should say who the artist was that made them.(The majority are made by different players.)

    • Sorry but I don't have that, but I'll hunt for it tho

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