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User ID: #15228
Username: moxxi
Gender: goat
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 9:23 pm

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cassidy || 20 || they/she || canada
INFJ/P ; 3w4 ; True Neutral ; Sage/Server ; Optimist
Hello! I'm Cassidy, but you can call me Cass,
or Mox for more general!
I'm super friendly so don't be afraid to talk to me!
Random friend invites are all accepted.
Tumblr || DeviantART || Toyhou.se

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    • Same username as on here - RedlaSunShowers029! Thanks!

    • Wanted to let you know that I sent the money over for Eden a couple days ago. Could you send over over to my TH? Thanks!

    • Just letting you know I sent the $10 for Andromeda <33 And my TH again is xarazura ^^

      I understand being all over the place heh, I've been like that too for the last few days... I hope you reach your money target quickly and hope things are okay <3

    • whAT the HEKC its so cute thank you?? Poorly my ass

    • your forum icon is so cute, i love eevee so much ;;

    • Thank you so much!! <3
      And I LOVE!! your profile CSS!

    • In love with sSerafine and everyone else! I love her story and visted and her skill tree- oh my gosh goals!! <33

    • Hi friend, I changed my username but I'm sure you noticed. Also every time I see your Eevee avatar it makes me happy

    • I really love your painties and you're always super level-headed on the forums, keep being you!

    • just wanted to say you're pretty rad and i agree with a majority of your opinions. keep doing you and ignore the negative people, they'll never get anywhere in the end.

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