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User ID: #15556
Username: Darling
Last Online: 15 May 2020, 3:35 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 9:43 pm

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Rarely active. Sometimes I come to edit CSS or check the marketplace :)

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    • Yeah I already did 3 but now I know where it is for next time! Thanks so much!

    • Wow your text is so faint I can't really read it. I came to ToT but can't tell if you have a button or not.

    • Oh! Thank you for the offer but I'm alright just buying them as I need them~ I was spamming plush quests for the ones that were added while I was away <3

    • I still love it sm hhh ;w; I'm good! Same old ♡ how have you been love? <3

    • Eeee thankyou ily!! :'D good vibes returned~ <3 oof once again your profile is so beautiful and lovely!! ;w; ♡

    • AAA hi sweets!! QwQ how are you? <33

    • Ooh I bet it's lovely weather in Australia during Christmas!! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you to from England lovely, I hope you're having a wonderful day!! <33

    • There's no need to apologise to me lovely <3 as long as I know you're okay I'm good ♡ and thanks so much for the sweet hedgehogs!! ;w; ♡ I managed to get all the annifursary items too (after grinding and trading) and now I even have multiples. Thinking of doing a giveaway at the end of the event for people that might've missed out! Anyway, thanks for checking in <333

    • So if you have any annifursary items in particular you want let me know and I'll trade you it right away!! <3 I already have my favourites - the squid plushie and the galaxy phoenix! Also, I'll always take the time to talk to you pff, you're always such a pleasure to talk to and make me happy aaa <3

    • Amazing!! ;w; But don't complete all your goals on furvilla just yet because you might leave and I'll miss you again... TwT/
      Only looking to trade any annifursary items I find. I'm hoping to collect them all! <3

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