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User ID: #15705
Username: Stu
Gender: Demiboy
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 9:51 pm

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♡ 2D ♡ him ♡ 18 ♡ (+1 hr server time) ♡
i love gorillaz and video games

♡ likes ♡
plants, nintendo, gorillaz (and other music), yo-kai watch, keroppi, pompompurin, rilakkuma, bears, kirby, animal crossing, blankets, pajamas, cats, hedgehogs, hugs

x dislikes x
loud noises, flashing colors, spiders, dolls, mannequins, puppets, gore

~ Fluffy Costume
~ Snuffle Potion
~ A shifty paintie (msg me for details)
~ Mythic Costume

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    • I have a premium pass that gives me free guest passes so I can take friends complleettllyyy free! And I can drive. :^ )

    • No problem! ^^ I love helping others and giving gifts. I hope you have a fantastic day!

    • THAT WOULD BE WICKED SICK YO.. I actually could probably take you tbh. hmu on skype or smth and ill give you more details

    • nope! too broke for that ; _ ; tho i wanna go to busch gardens at some point

    • about the same here. i think yesterday or the day before it hit 100. i wanted to cry but i sweat out all the moisture in my body sjdbgbg

    • YES OH MY GOD our ac is broke and on average in the house its like 80-83 degrees. i truely know what suffering feels like


    • yeah i know about the new album and i really wanna see what the musics like for it,,, i knew about the samples of the songs for collage students but i didnt know about the lyrics thing, it seems interesting?? im not sure what to think about it

    • oo i dont think ive listened to those?? probably amarillo but thats all, ill listen to the other two though! i like a lot of their songs but some i really love are empire ants, broken, hongkongaton, rhinestone eyes, doncamatic and o green world
      plastic beach would probably have to be my favorite album aha

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