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Username: Stu
Gender: Demiboy
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 9:51 pm

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♡ 2D ♡ him ♡ 18 ♡ (+1 hr server time) ♡
i love gorillaz and video games

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plants, nintendo, gorillaz (and other music), yo-kai watch, keroppi, pompompurin, rilakkuma, bears, kirby, animal crossing, blankets, pajamas, cats, hedgehogs, hugs

x dislikes x
loud noises, flashing colors, spiders, dolls, mannequins, puppets, gore

~ Fluffy Costume
~ Snuffle Potion
~ A shifty paintie (msg me for details)
~ Mythic Costume

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    • thanks for the recommendations, i'll check 'em out! <3

    • i love gorillaz too,,, which songs are your favorites??

    • oh my gosh I've never had a wii, but i did have a gamecube owo I played harvest moon for the first time on there and fell in love with the gameplay slow paced, and just relaxing and all about farming and animals and relationships. If only life were that easy xD

      Oh did u hear there's a mini nes coming out and its like something u plug into ur tv with an HDMI port cable, and it comes built in with all the old nes classics on it, and it's going to be cheap because technically its not even a console like u cant add or remove games from it so its just a throwback sort of item. I really am looking forward to it!

      O: yeah i was waiting and waiting for it but no dice, i guess konami made some bad choices after Downpour, the series really hasnt recovered. But resident evil, man that series is thriving, i cannot wait for the next game, i saw the playable trailer it looked so spoopy im excite!

    • ooh!! i should listen to it even though i'm probably one of the people he was talking about in the album (/w\; )eheheu
      murdoc is forever beautiful in my eyesss but definitely li'l blue-haired faceache will always be my favourite. uwu i'm just hopelessly in love with him LOL, have been since gorillaz first appeared way back when.

    • Oh so ur a nintendo 3DS person? owo I have harvest moon on 3DS and also acnl. I love both games, I have run factory4 that's also by the same ppl as harvest moon i believe i like games like that. but i love horror games as well. I dont have a console anymore so my tastes have changed dramatically. Now all i play are online games. and visual novels. but i'm forever a survival horror fan. Like silent hill and whatnot c:

    • right?? damon albarn is a musical god. his voice is just ... aaa it makes me melt
      no music makes me feel the same way as gorillaz does. <3
      also every single one of the band members are cute af, even murdie ♥
      (but especially 2D he is just so bloody oblivious and cute squeals loudly)

    • hallo, just poppin' in to say i love 2D and gorillaz in general. uwu/♥

    • I saw u talking to my friend so I didn't wanna bug u but I like ur Gorillaz icon, and I wanted to know what type of video games you liked to play?

    • Riiight! I thought he was super weird when I was young tho xD

      Aaaah, this is why I miss things, I don't do most big social media things like Twitter/insta/tumblr. I don't tend to go looking either all that much because it slips my mind. It makes me sad I've missed so much DX

      A lot about Noodle has mad me sad through the yrs, tbh. But I guess it's just showing a natural thing in the end for her ; v ; Oh, I'm super excited now. I bet the album will be fantastic, it's great to know that it's all more aimed to happier times and such.

      Del, yes, more Del plz.
      I hope he is coming back for this album, ah!

    • Ahaha, he's a little sweetheart~! No wonder!
      Murdoc has become my fave (I use to hate him and adore 2D but I've come to love his weirdness xD)

      I looooooove Plastic Beach. It's music is so relaxing.
      But Demon Days is my second, that use to be my #1 before Plastic Beach.
      My fave song is even Melancholy Hill from Plastic Beach now ; v ;

      Whoa, whoa, hold up. I've never heard this news before.
      They're putting out another album? *EXCITED BOUNCING*
      You've. Made. My. Night!

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