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User ID: #15705
Username: Stu
Gender: Demiboy
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 9:51 pm

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♡ 2D ♡ him ♡ 18 ♡ (+1 hr server time) ♡
i love gorillaz and video games

♡ likes ♡
plants, nintendo, gorillaz (and other music), yo-kai watch, keroppi, pompompurin, rilakkuma, bears, kirby, animal crossing, blankets, pajamas, cats, hedgehogs, hugs

x dislikes x
loud noises, flashing colors, spiders, dolls, mannequins, puppets, gore

~ Fluffy Costume
~ Snuffle Potion
~ A shifty paintie (msg me for details)
~ Mythic Costume

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    • I would love a link to the picture when you can~!
      Gorillaz has been my fave for so long > v <
      I have all their albums on my ipod like a little dweeb and everything XD
      I don't think I'll ever not love them!


    • hey hey! <3

    • Long live Gorillaz B)

    • Long live Gorillaz B)

    • test comment ♥

    • AH yes I love seeing all the new art, it makes me so happy ;0;; I am so excited for the new album!!

    • ahh gosh me too!! ehe uwu b But I don't own Rise of the Ogre, instead I just get it from the library sometimes ;u;

      I don't even know my favorite song, I love them all a lot waaaaah though my favorite album is Demon Days!! I also own Plastic Beach on vinyl which is my 2nd favorite album. I really love every single character even the minor ones but Noodle & 2D are my favs ;v;

    • WAH!! I really love Gorillaz as well, my parents listened to them so I grew up w/ them then my love grew stronger!! super cool ;o;

    • i looooove you! mwah /)3(\

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