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Username: Frostuma
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Registered: 26 Nov 2019, 2:32 pm

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Heyo I'm Frostuma, but call me Frost. I love to draw, and like to play D&D with my friends like. Riceman405 . (He's not on much.) My Ocs are Frostuma, Spark, Gearlin, and Ryan/Private V. I like reading Clinic if horrors, Room of swords, and More. I draw cartoons/comics. Right now I'm in to: Naruto, My Hero Academia, Forgotten Realms By R.A.Salvator, and most of all DRAWING! Message are open, but i might not respond quick. (School.) Umm well I also like wantons, and make stupid memes with my friends :/. You are most like me to find me on Roleplays, and Thinks about art.

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    • Thanks so much for the shifty morphing potion! <3

    • I appreciate the suggestion, but... Naruto sucks.

    • Hey, the picture wont load on the demon rp. I have a description that might help as well.. heh.

      kuma is my main boyo. He may look like an ordinary wolf. But, there is a twist to him. He is a plush animal. Despite him being a plush animal, he is very much alive and able to live on his own.

      Akuma is a male British Colombian plush wolf. His age is 17 and his birth date is 9/21/02. He isn't sure where he was created. His height is 4'6. A bit big for a plush. He weighs 64lbs. His voice is a bit pitchy and slightly raspy, but very quiet. He likes the colour pink, happy and outgoing music, insects, animals, pink, head pats, warm places, and the colour pink. He dislikes big crowds, getting into trouble, loud noises, and being ignored. His hobbies are exploring around, making friends, cuddling???, and playing with bugs. He is a bit clingy, but enjoys warmth and hugs. Akuma is fragile, but takes the risk of being sewn up.

      Akumas fur coat is mostly a charcoal grey, a medium silver grey, and a very light cloud grey with hints of white in it. Akumas torso is a medium silver grey with a cloudy grey chest and stomach. His arms are also a medium silver grey, but he has charcoal grey wrist bands around him. His legs have the same grey bands on the ankles, as well as the tail, close to his back. His paw pads are a soft snow white colour with baby blue stars scattered on him. Akumas face has a charcoal grey dot under each eye. His nose is white. His tongue matches his paw pads ,white and blue stars, and so do the inside of his ears. The tips of his ears are the same colour as the wrist bands. He has soft ruby red eyes that shine like the stars on his paws. There is a baby blue tuft of hair on top of his head. On both of his hips are small, plastic, light pink love hearts with an A on them for his name "Akuma." On his left ear is a "FY" tag to indicate that he is in fact a plush animal. There is also a tag on the right of his leg that gives you information about loving him and taking care of him at times. He does have one important accessory and that is his light pink pacifier. It soothes him and keeps him calm during stressful times.

    • I'm planning on doing another raffle later for the holidays

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