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User ID: #16430
Username: Sasuke
Last Online: 8 May 2019, 9:53 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 10:34 pm

Profile description

my name is sasuke uchiha. i hate a lot of things, and i don't particularly like anything. what i have is not a dream, because i will make it a reality. i'm going to restore my clan, and become the biggest furry in the leaf village.
i'm not sasuke but call me sasuke. any css on this or villager profiles is my own; please do not use without my permission.

Villagers 12

Comments 40

    • Your profile is cool and so are you.

    • This profile is A++

    • do you code villager profiles? :o

    • [size=1] hey there !! ; v ; im on the lookout for some really neat profile css - would it be possible to use yours !! [of course , i would be changing the background , etc !!]

    • No worries! I'm at work myself so I get the feeling. I'll probably need a few weeks to earn up that fc, but I'll get right to it! I'll pm ya when I get to that amount, and thanks!

    • Hey! A user tomo mentioned you made their profile, I was wondering if you sold/designed themes at all, and if so what would your prices be? Thanks!

    • Mmm this profile CSS is 10/10

    • My wallet is sadder >:^[ -lifts it to show cobwebs-

    • :o Positive and patient? Well those are two adjectives that I've never thought to apply to myself, haha! Thank you though, I really do try my hardest not to stir the drama pot too much. I know there are just some situations that just don't come to a conclusion. ;u;
      Anyhoo, thanks again for the kindness! ^o^

    • Ahh, For realsies? That's neat! It's nice to see you here too, even though I'm not really sure you you are on Goatlings, lol. c:

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