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Username: arthrax
Gender: Male
Last Online: 7 Aug 2020, 12:37 pm
Registered: 23 Dec 2019, 11:23 pm

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Chaotic Good

I am a male, I identify as male, but you can call me any pronoun you want, I'll take it.

I'm fairly new to the furry fandom, though I've been a furry without realizing it for practically my whole life. Now it's one of the few groups where I feel I can express my true self. Thank you furry fandom!!!

About me: I am ENTP, and I absolutely hate it. Sure, everyone calls you nerdy and praises your "knowledge" and "smartness", but I didn't ask for that, I didn't ask for practically every "girlfriend" I've had to be put off by the way I talk and act(I frequently use big words and love to engage in philosophical and intellectual debates). Yes I'm dying from the loneliness of being surrounded by incompatible people. Yes I am aware that I can make friends with any personality type and I do have many friends, just everything seems hollow. Yes I long to one day have a friend that shares my interests. Yes I am aware that ranting about this will do more harm than good and will most likely just scare off any potential friends. For more info on ENTP and the mbti personality spectrum, just search up mbti, you might have to dig a little, but it's all there.
My quest is to master all the major fine arts, and I am determined to leave the world better than it was before me(If that means sacrificing my own life for the betterment of humanity, I'd gladly do it). I like to say that I'm a philosophical thinker. I definitely perceive the world in a light that most don't.

FRIENDS, people to talk to. Please feel free to come to me with all your problems, I just need socialization
Any and all pets (I keep the uncommon and up to breed, I give away the commons as a fairy)
Breeding potions(in bulk)
Or just help someone else. Make someone happy, do what I fail to do and be happy yourself. That is my wish

Thank you and please have a good day!!! Remember (I wrote this myself, this isn't someone else's quote, although after writing it I have found quotes that are kinda similar), "There is no truth, only human perspective. There is no good, only societal rules. There is no evil, only people that are feared and hated.'

Nice CSS base(I edited all the colors on mine) is totally free and made by Whipptail! I discovered it from LSTheNinjaKitten . Whipp's tumblr account offering the CSS has been deactivated, so feel free to message me or LS for it!

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