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User ID: #169300
Username: Askata
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 5 Apr 2020, 7:07 am
Registered: 1 Feb 2020, 9:25 am

Profile description

Hello! I'm Crow/Askata, welcome to my profile!

Pronouns: Whatever you feel like calling me

Age: 14

Sexuality: Dunno ;-;

Catchline/special sentence: " If I'm a painting, then you're an orange, not like me, cause I'm a special fudging snowflake. "

Likes: Nice people, cookies 'n coffee, my favorite dessert, choc mousse, any positive things, romance, books, birds, drawing, reading, and music!

Dislikes: Rude people, being yelled at, anything that involves feeling nauseous, bitter things, cold days, winter, and paper cuts >:C

Fican Shop!


Looking for custom painties!

I would gladly pay up to 250k FC to be commissioned or even higher depending on price factors ( Charge for wings/tax/tip/complex ) choices are Here, but it might be a bit before I have enough to pay.

Interested in commissioning me?

PM me and with examples and I'll pick someone for the commission, then set a price! I'll send the FC/FD over when I have it. ( Start after I send payment? )


Want to be commissioned?

Well, you can find my shops in the links below!





Feel free to message me and vent if you have stuff you need to get out, I'm not here to judge!


Icon by this awesome person!

CSS by snowflakeartist ! :>

Find me on Toyhouse!

+~* Wishlist! *~+

1. FD

2. Magic Stickers!

3. Plushies :>

4. Art for my beans! ( / OCs )

Want an example but don't wanna ask? here ya go!


( Thanks to all the generous anons that gift me! every gift is appreciated <3 )

Villagers 11

Comments 35

    • No problem, but I'm also looking for someone to take on some of my villagers as I will no longer be on Furvilla! Please comment if you're open for more!

    • I actually almost screamed omg!! Ty for your generosity, I really can’t thank you enough: :,,,,>

    • Hello! :D

    • Mmmm? X3 It hasn't really been that long, and I'd legit forgotten I dropped that stuff, but you're very welcome!!

    • Well it’s true. Hope your days nice!

    • If you'd like, but that isn't necessary ^^"

    • Let me know if any other cute pairs you can think of. I love shipping!

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