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User ID: #1718
Username: Chinchilla
Gender: Male
Last Online: 19 Aug 2020, 5:49 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:12 pm

Profile description

Hi there! My name is Chinch or Chill! Or anything to do with the word chinchilla, really. I'm not picky ^w^

Feel free to drop me a line! I love meeting new peeps~


All art on my Villager's/My profile is done by me, unless stated otherwise!

2217-magic-peasant-rodent-plush.png 3108-a-spoopy-friend.png 1787-horned-squirrel.png 1785-red-squirrel.png 1786-gray-squirrel.png 1784-brown-squirrel.png 3954-ralph.png

2213-magic-queen-bee-plush.png 3362-mayor-minstrel-plushie.png 1724-magical-sweeticorn.png 1725-sweeticorn.png 3386-stabicorn-plushie.png

Items I collect/hoard:
1098-magic-chinchilla-rodent-plush.png 3243-rainy-day-suchilla.png 3242-white-suchilla.png 3241-brown-suchilla.png 3240-grey-suchilla.png 1099-chinchilla-rodent-plush.png

Villagers 13

Comments 8

    • No prob at all <3

    • Awesome, it's a whole frolic of chinchillas over here! CHILLA POWER~!

    • OH GOD, how did you make those chins? Care to share?

    • Thanks! Oml there's a whole gang of Chins, this is beautiful

    • Fluffy dumpling sounds not really eatable but it works for me :q:

    • Thank you!! Your villagers are lovely as well! <3

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