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User ID: #171815
Username: AngelCakes
Gender: Genderfluid
Last Online: 25 Jul 2020, 4:02 pm
Registered: 13 Feb 2020, 2:52 am

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    • Also; noticed you have a villager named Benny. Benny was a good vampire.♡

    • This rwply is super late but I do have Sammy, only I call him Moose so he's Bobby's minipet. I guess I should chanfe the mimipet's name to Idjit then lol. Dean has a minipet named Cas so Castiel is here also. I have a cat named Castiel at home irl. I wamt want to make a villager who looks like him, he is a flame point siamese with blue eyes that are vivid like his namesake. xD

    • PFF You're most welcome xD

    • cP7hvft.png

    • Normally, no, but i've got art block so suggest away

    • Nvm my dumb ass found it lol

    • What's your toyhou.se?

    • ty for the stuff at the giving tree

    • ur gay

    • omg thank you for the doodle it’s the beST

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