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Username: Minkey55
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Last Online: 30 Sep 2020, 3:59 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:12 pm

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Hello and Welcome to my Page.

But i suck at coding so i went here.

Ok some information about me.......

I'm in my 30's Just got engaged and I'm a furry.
Have been since I was 13,
Though I only found out about furies when I turned 17
and went to my first convention.

My first Sona was a Shapeshifting Blue fox named Mink on Gaia.
As I was part of a heavily Rp'd Taur shop community
She evolved into a Fox taur.
Two years ago she was put out to pasture as my character had outgrown her.
( But I still had to make her on here. Love to my Dr Mink Saggitari. )
Misika is my main Sona now, spawned from a fruit basket western world online RP.
Sadly it ended when the person who created it wanted more of her friends to join
She kicked several of the best RP's (including me) from the group and put her friends in.
It was deleted due to infighting by a MOD shortly after and I lost all of her back history.
Still, my Demon bear found a place in my heart.

Emmm that's all I can think of for now

Background : From here

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    • It came in very handy. Thank you so much.

      I had a quick read through Little Sisters info & oh my, that is so sad. But I am impressed with your imagination. You are very creative.
      I was also shocked to see she was a Kelpie. Not many people know of those creatures. I origionate from Scotland myself so that's cool.

    • Good afternoon. Minkey A while ago I bought an Elaborate Sword from your villager, Snow Globe. The sword has served me well & has allowed me to go from battling common enemies to rare ones. It has served me well but now I am replacing it with one that has a max durability of 200. I would like to thank you for selling me the sword. It has helped my villagers become the amazing warriors they now are.
      I shall be selling your sword on. May it serve another as well as it has served me.

    • Hehe, thanks for bringing it to my attention ^^ It's probably because I havent been logged in since... well forever, haha.

    • add me on your ds
      friend code: 1177-6871-4090
      name: Amelia

    • Phae'Shalee: :O I keep telling people, those cookies went wonky due to Illiam'Ithra purposefully pouring in chaos elixir when I wasn't looking! But for some reason they were loved so I figured out how to keep making them. O.o
      Anyhow, there aren't any cookie recipes. :( So I'll keep making cheesecakes. :D

    • Ah, thank you very much!

    • Your CSS is so prettyyyy! Where did you get the code? The link doesn't work anymore. >:

    • Hello fellow former gaian in their 30's [laughs] used to go by dark-stardragon everywhere back then :V

    • That would be awesome! Thanks in advance :D

    • just saw you keep getting that headdress. i keep getting that dagger, maybe youre willing to trade? :D

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