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User ID: #174005
Username: Bluphenoix223
Gender: #1. not your concern
Last Online: 24 Oct 2020, 11:44 pm
Registered: 25 Feb 2020, 9:03 pm

Profile description

Name: Blu or Phoenix
Likes: Mythology(Will talk to u about it if u ask) and anything Japanese related.

I'm a sophomore in NJROTC so sorry if I sound formal

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    • you there blu? sam is back

    • Eek! I sent over a trade granting your wish, but I feel bad...

    • RoseGem

      I'm not that good either but thank you, you had me stumped on the first on tho

    • Ahh figured, Im not too good with keeping hints vague. But I do whatever I can to brighten peoples days -v-
      and I love a good guessing game!

    • ooo, It only took ye two days huh? You caught me!

    • i warned you :,) lmk if you need anything changed

    • I'm actually pretty happy because it was a fursuit partial of my dutch AD sona,, still gotta wait 2 days for the fursuit to be delivered though

    • also guess what?? a certain type of commission i ordered 3 months back just finished :D

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