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User ID: #176481
Username: Korua
Gender: Female
Last Online: 1 Jul 2020, 6:23 am
Registered: 19 Mar 2020, 12:35 pm

Profile description

Hello! You may have seen me on some forums, haha....
Anyway, I am Korua!

*I am sorry for not responding, but I am currently going offline at the moment. I am practicing fursuit making a bit more, aswell as maybe getting an etsy shop to do art commissions. ( To save up for a mini-partial that I really like, and also to save up for a con later maybe ), and also working on some unfinished art. Also I may or may not have gotten into a fistfight from this girl so uh-

-)A young Fur, hoping to soon be a maker.
-)Wishes to learn Japanese and go to Japan
-) A gamer and Furry
-)A small artist who tries at digital art, but is much better with traditional
-)Very social online, awkward and shy in real life
-)Huge fan of Danganronpa-
-)GIANT fan of Vocaloid <3
*Some favorite songs:
∙ Ghost Rule
∙ World is Mine
∙Ievan Polkka
∙ Matryoshka
∙World's End Dancehall
∙ 1 2 Fanclub ( Meika Hime ∙ Mikoto Cover )
∙ABSOLUTE favorite song: Sadistic.music∞Factory!
Favorite Vocaloid: Gakupo ( His antics are the b e s t )
( Francium is my L I F E . )
•Also I put fake birthday's for some reason. Don't worry, this birthday is real lol

Oh, also...

you kiibo'd in the wrong neighborhood.


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    • Hewwo! Wanna see how a worm on a string fights? *Like a noob!* (AKA Wanna duel[? :) )

    • Oh! Thank you ^^
      As for the foggy smoke effect, I found a free image of purple smoke, enlarged it, and stuck the link address into the background link for the outlaying border. It just repeated over, and the pattern happened to make that kind of coil XD Idk if that made sense or not?

    • Thank you- No, I didn't have it (I love the CSS btw, I'm still having trouble filling in the background XD)

    • My Alchemist, Lasika, has made all of my Shifty Potions. (: And thank you!

    • Yep! That's exactly what I meant ^^ Thank you!

    • I know this is a little late, but welcome to Furvilla! I read your profile- I'm glad you'd like to learn Japanese (I'm South Korean, but my Japanese friends like to joke that I was born in the wrong country, because I love Japanese culture, mythology and food.) Anyways, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me or anyone else around here, everyone I've met is really friendly!

    • Heya!! Not to be nosy or rude, but I noticed some of your forum posts, and wanted to warn you that necroposting isn't allowed!! ^^"

      On a lighter note, welcome to FV! If you need help with anything, don't hesitate to ask me!! ^w^

    • meep

    • Thank You!

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