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Username: queentyrunt
Gender: Female
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 12:04 am

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Kura / Queen | artist


not active


css by Lu | villager css by jennawing

Villagers 19

Comments 26

    • i mean, thank y ou u!! i dont hve many danganronpa friends so ya y

    • ayamatte ayamatte ayamatte ayamatte ayamatte ayamatte ayamatte-

    • You're super welcome <3 And thank you! I'm a huge fan of dark themes myself haha. Though the CSS was done by @alqx I just chose some colors from the background :D

    • Thank ya I got the seeds! :3

    • Oh oh and I really like your art! They are gorgeous~

    • Thank you so much for the hot dog! It's so cute <3
      I got my name by hoarding too much little purple squeakers in Pokemon :3 Too much...

    • Thank you so much for the map fragments :')

    • you're welcome. i normally look to see what animals are missing from a villager's menagerie and if i can fill in the blanks, I send the neccessary pets ^ ^

    • Fff haha you're very welcome!
      I hope it helps, at least a little// [the menagerie is so hard to fill orz]

    • aah so much wood! :o thank you so much!

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