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User ID: #182204
Username: GuardianOfTheSand
Gender: Male
Last Online: 13 Aug 2020, 3:42 pm
Registered: 17 May 2020, 2:42 pm

Profile description

Small fish dark away from your imposing presence in their territory. The coral reefs were bright and cheery, like a child's playdough set. The ecosystem was teeming with life, however small. Nothing shiny seems to be here. If there were, the shellfish must be hiding them. You swim away from the bright fishy haven and make your way to to the deeper depths.

After all, the sunken ships of the deep held the most treasure. You soon find find a cave entrance on the seabed. You decide to venture into the naturally occurring pit in the ocean floor. The sunlight was split into dancing beams as the light shone through the surface of the ever moving waters. It was slowly being filtered out as you dived deeper.

You kept track of how far down you went, and you were still in the sunlight zone. But the dark cave made it feel like the twilight zone of the ocean. You spot a fiery orange anemone swaying about. A peculiar shark fin was poking out of it. Suddenly, a face popped up from behind the rocks. The zora gave you a cocky smirk.

An assortment of glowing symbols, glowing in a strong sea green hue. Before you could figure out how to ask questions underwater, the zora swam away into the deeper depths of the cave.
Commission by Snekk

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Commission by Snekk
Commission by cr0ws
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    • Hello again!! If you're still looking for FD, then I've got 180 to trade!

    • Hello!! Are you still looking for FD? If so, then I have 50 to trade for FC ^w^

    • Hello! Feel free to lmk if you're ever looking for battles, I'll be sure to hop on the battlefields if I'm online!! <3

    • Thank you for the stamps in the stall. I gave one to a friend

    • " i am the sand guardian, guardian of the sand! "


      " go away! "

    • I love your profile description and villager bios! :)

    • I love the description/intro on your page so much, as well as the overall Vibes(TM) you've got going on. :3

    • Your CSS is beautiful ^^
      Also, your name is one of my favorite vines.

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