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Username: Bailey
Gender: Female
Last Online: 5 Aug 2018, 6:37 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:14 pm

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fall_leaf___f2u_by_mahohaku-d9gomet.png About Me fall_leaf___f2u_by_mahohaku-d9gomet.png
Hello! You can call me Bailysis, Bailey, Bail, or any other name that's vaguely similar. I am but a simple girl living in the USA.
I enjoy drawing and writing, character creation, binge-watching TV shows, roleplay, and designing things. I dabble in CSS / BBCode sometimes.

00016509e7d43da9bc8f3f929c58984b-dacwwqb Selling villagers
00016509e7d43da9bc8f3f929c58984b-dacwwqb Art Shop [Coming Soon!]

Instagram :: @bailysisarts
Not very active
Discord :: Bailysis #0874
Very active - Come chat with me!
tumblr_inline_p6p1ayDEOq1r0g4u9_540.png UkPFXaE.png a4acb7ae9b9ac17768ebe242b59f99c2.gif

fall_leaf___f2u_by_mahohaku-d9gomet.png Village Of Denavi fall_leaf___f2u_by_mahohaku-d9gomet.png
On the outskirts of Olde Foxbury, deep in a serene forest, lay a cluster of lively homes. The buildings were covered with flowering plants and vines, making them blend into their environment. Each home had a few small gardens and warm light coming from the windows.

Before you, a colorful lioness approaches. "Welcome to Denavi, traveler! It's a bit chilly today - would you like a cup of tea? We don't get visitors often," she invites you in with a happy grin.

As you travel, the other residents of the village may wave or say hello. Small creatures chatter and chase one another across paths and into the trees.

It's a pleasant little pocket of the world.

00016509e7d43da9bc8f3f929c58984b-dacwwqb Denavi Market [Coming Soon!]

fall_leaf___f2u_by_mahohaku-d9gomet.png Wishlist fall_leaf___f2u_by_mahohaku-d9gomet.png

fall_leaf___f2u_by_mahohaku-d9gomet.png Goals + To-Do fall_leaf___f2u_by_mahohaku-d9gomet.png
Set up shop [ ]
x Jusci, Snowdrop, Clyde
o Maiya
- Lioness w/ Paintie
- Explorer // Animal Husbandrist
o Simon
- Paintie
- Explorer
o Vexius
- Add arms..????
o Reiner
- Remake completely. Saggitarri?
o Otterpool
- Paintie
- Herbalist
+ Warriors?
- Oakstep :: Maine Coon w/ Paintie
- Adderstrike :: reg. w/ Paintie
- Echostorm :: reg? w/ Paintie
- Pumafrost :: reg w/ Paintie
- Leopardwish :: reg w/ Paintie
- Androva :: Maine Coon w/ Paintie
- If not, o or x Otter
+ Niya?
- Big Bird w/ Paintie
- Explorer // ??
+ Vedenith??
- Sea Serpent/Dragon/Snake/Thingy w/ Paintie
- Explorer // Construction Worker
+ Zui [<3]
- Shiftie with lizard base
- That's a tough one
- Herbalist // Animal Husbandrist
+ Reon/Raste/Tauno?
- Wolves w/ painties

fall_leaf___f2u_by_mahohaku-d9gomet.png Credits fall_leaf___f2u_by_mahohaku-d9gomet.png
Leaf + Exclamation Points
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    • your profile is so cute.. i love the cacti

    • Haha no problem! :)

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    • Your entire user page is goals

    • Do you collect anything besides pets? I'd love to gift you. :D

    • Thank you so much! You too! <33

    • wow that's so sweet of you?!?? gosh, thanks! ;<;

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