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User ID: #18505
Username: WolfyNightshade
Gender: Male
Last Online: 5 May 2019, 7:53 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 1:41 am

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Just a nerdy ol wolf here, enjoying loosing time into this community.

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    • Hello there!

    • Yeah, and the few that do sell them ask FD .....and with a very low rate of success...that's why i'm teaching my medic, so as to have a better % cure....as soon as i hit at least 50% will start selling them X3...if you get me the plants i won't charge you anything more than what i spend to make it....150 fc (50 for the jar and 100 that fv charges you for the mixing) i'll give ya a shout when i do if you want to n.n

    • hahahaha XD i need like 15 each time i make a potion -.-" my warrior and explorer get sick everytime XD

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