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Username: MariahKat
Gender: Female
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 1:54 am

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27 / Taken by Kodaleafeon / Toyhouse

profile under construction...forever lol

If I ever draw art for you, post it anywhere you want. No need to ask. Just credit me pls.

My homevillage will always be Dragonsmaw, I'm just Traveling for seeds and equips.

Edgy rock noises
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For my gallery



Gembound hell

Villagers 75

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    • the bat bats are heavily appreciated, thank you so much <3

    • Yea that's okay :3 Running Kitsouls is hard so I can't even imagine a whole site! They'll get it done :3

    • There's nothing here! Shoo! Get off my lawn! <---- awww but i want new items D: !!!

    • Your fabled kitsoul looks so good grown up! I'm so happy you bred the one I gave you with a fable

    • re: doodle thread, I LOVE IT AAA thankyou!! QwQ

    • Maybe it is an alternate effect of the blade itself. I know for a fact my tiger blade used to blow me up. Thorns was and still is broken. It triggers regardless of speed so I wouldnt be surprised if it had other issues associated with it.

    • Hey... Why did i deal less damage when you thornsed me?

    • omg thank you so much!! I've been looking for a spoopy friend ever since they came out, haha. That was mega sweet of you <3

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