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FV time +7 |Italy|

Hi there!
Just your friendly cold loving neighbour, how did you end up here?
Don't be afraid to shoot me a friend request.
Towns visited: TEP, OFB, DMM.

Join me in dragon hell: www1.flightrising.com (I'm WindChimes)
My Tumblr: Our-wishes-and-whispers.tumblr.com

PM me so we can talk about fandoms and stuff :)

Thank you anon fairies <3

I survived the Furvilla Hackening




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    • I KNOw right?? there at the end it did feel like it was a long time coming, imo, but i did have to go back and find all the really little hints.
      and there really are!! I still wanna know abt sascha & mr. rudger liKE yana you cant just introduce them like that & we never see them again. although thats not an uncommon occurrence lbr
      I would like to see more of othello yeee honestly the reapers are the best part of the series, it'd be hard to keep me interested in it without them dfhbhd
      :0a and im not quite sure how i feel abt the grandpa undertaker theory, in all honesty? I'd just hope if it did become canon that yana would Explain.
      a reaper-centric spinoff series would probably make me cry. or even an anime adaption of the most beautiful death in the world thAT'D BE GR E A T

    • (oh jeez it's no worries!! sorry for mine, ive been so swamped by notifs i didnt even know you replied rtfhdrr)

      awesome!! so what do you think abt that big plot twist

    • dfjhvdf thank you
      and nICE!! do you keep up with the manga?

    • You're welcome~
      I still have 4 extra breeding pairs

    • Thanks for trading with me!

    • I'm looking to stick to trades but congrats on managing to get some free sail fabric through a fairy.

    • Thanks for the trade! :)

    • I mostly ship him with Lance but I'm open to pretty much all ships (unless they're toxic) and I really love Shiro ^w^ I still need to figure out how to get the ears, I think I found a pair that might work Amazon bug I'm not sure...Either way, it'll be a really fun cosplay to do! (Especially if I can get my friend to be Altean Lance)

    • Agh thank you! Yeah they really are, I love them so much! I'm actually planing out a Galra Keith cosplay partly because I wanna take ship photos with Shiro cosplayers

    • Heck yeah, fire flight !!! (I switched from Arcane actually, I definitely prefer fire!!!)
      And toastmom is the best x3

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