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Username: DreamCatcher
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Last Online: 23 Aug 2020, 11:44 am
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FV time +7 |Italy|

Hi there!
Just your friendly cold loving neighbour, how did you end up here?
Don't be afraid to shoot me a friend request.
Towns visited: TEP, OFB, DMM.

Join me in dragon hell: www1.flightrising.com (I'm WindChimes)
My Tumblr: Our-wishes-and-whispers.tumblr.com

PM me so we can talk about fandoms and stuff :)

Thank you anon fairies <3

I survived the Furvilla Hackening




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    • Thanks so much for the comment on Dream! ^-^ I love your username! Hope you have a lovely day <3

    • hi did you send me a friend request?? because if so,,

      i accepted it and it didnt work so

    • Oh nooo Lesuth doesn't mean to scare!! But ehehe hello again
      Lesuth can be a friend I promise x3

    • Maybe you have, maybe you haven't, it's plausible

    • Thank you, for the pet transfer, but I really don't need any more at this time ;)

    • i just have to thank you for giving me a laugh in Corrupted Wish, so, thank you! xD

    • More like a few years, honestly. Japan is typically quicker moving their things to DVDs but it still might not be until around July-September before THEY get the DVD :( And then Funimation has to claim the rights to dub it before the other studios, then it's about a year of work to translate and record and mass produce DVDs over here. I don't expect a dub until late 2018 or early 2019, personally. Sub? Maybe mid to late 2017.

    • You bet your butt I'm excited!! Ughhhh I'm so jealous. Germans and Austrians are getting to see it in their local theaters with subtitles it's not faairrrr :'(

    • Yes indeed! Astral that is, you're the second person ever to notice.

    • Of course! Thank you for the tip!

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