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Username: rattus
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:17 pm

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fr | fr tumblr | always willing to trade fc for fr currencies/items

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    • thanks for the candy :3

    • thanks for the candy ^u^

    • Aww man, you're so awesome.
      No worries though on the taking forever. It happens! Thank you so much!

    • Thanks for the purchase!

    • ty ty ty :D
      A lot of it is political research so I can't actually go into it, but we do get some interesting stuff quite often (hellooooo Brexit). 2016 was a weird year for politics.

    • Media engineering!! That's really neat, and congrats on getting into a job in your field so soon! That's really saying something, with the job market :')
      yeah errrr well I completed my bachelor's in psychology (wtf was I thinking) and straight out of uni I landed an internship for a research company, and now they've made my role semi-permanent :D

    • No no no, never forget :')))) Oh nice, what do you do now? IIRC you're a year older than me or something. It's so weird that the last time we spoke we were like... secondary school students lmao. I got a job :'D nothing to do with art, sadly

    • ikr good times. I still have all the art you drew for me, esp. the one with Seven making a kissy face lmao. Thanks!! And yours, too - your FR art is amazing :D How have you been!

    • oh my crapping crap is this patonki

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