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Username: Zhampy
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 7 Aug 2017, 4:08 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:17 pm

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Welcome to Satorl Village, a place of perpetual night. The native denizens of Satorl are all dark creatures with glowing features largely of a blue hue. Anyone is welcome to settle in Satorl so long as the glowing fauna and flora of the surrounding landscape is respected.

Hey, i'm Zhampy!
I'm largely a furry and Pokemon artist!
You can find me on these sites.
If you ever want to chat drop me a message!

FurAffinity | Toyhouse
deviantART | Tumblr | Weasyl
FurryNetwork | Twitter | Flight Rising


- Many Aquatic Costumes <3
- Magical animal husbandry powers >:(
- Animals not in menagerie
- Plushies!
- A house!
- Sheep/Goat villagers!!

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    • THAT IS SO PRETTY AAA??? I'd be up for giving it a shot! QvQ
      And honestly I wanted to do it for you for free qwq

    • I'm not very good at designing taurs, but I could try my hand at Morton? 0:
      Is there any kind of theme I should try and keep in mind?

    • Thank you!! QvQ If you ever want me to try making you one I'd be happy to!

    • Hahaha, thank your for the manly man masculine fairy man coins, anon :DDD

    • awww, thanks ! that's so nice of you ;w;

    • yo haha^^ I read that you can switch villages only once . after that you won't be able to move again ^^ I'm indeed in need of some steel but I'll manage by myself, you'll really need it at some point with your 2 warriors .

    • hi there!!! i've been a fan of your pokemon art for years now and it's cool to see you on here

    • these sky coins are so annoying to get...been grinding since forever too . now I'm almost done but my villagers fall sick everyday and my weapons are about to break while I don't have any steel left ;w; I'm hoping to make an Angelic costume then switch to Tigereye Peak so that I can work on the Mythic and Sorcerer costumes, they're my favorite^^

    • You're so right omg xD gotta try that soon :3 do you need meteorites or stardust for your galaxy costume ? I have quite a lot of these and don't need them so I'd be glad to give them away if you're in need of them ^^

    • Thank you to the anon who sent me a sky coin! I really appreciate it <3 Getting closer to that Galaxy Costume :D

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