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Username: JustBetty
Gender: Microwave
Last Online: 25 Nov 2020, 8:12 pm
Registered: 28 Sep 2020, 4:39 am

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I don´t
want to make

I want you to have a good day. I want you to know you are special.
Some people don't care about you. and you gotta tell your mind that those people are bad to you and you should avoid them. Life is all about experience with others and you are going to go through it in life. You can never listen to those people because it may affect how you see yourself. You have to tell yourself that you are worthy. After all, god though you were worthy enough to exist on this planet.

*Ahem* Now, that that is out of the way I´d like to say a few things about myself.. Just to get you to know me a little bit more...

Role playing, Pokemon, Jojo´s bizarre adventure, kiki´s delivery service, Drawing, Music, (The band) Gorillaz,Gravity falls, Steven universe

My active villager depends on how I´m feeling by the way. I just thought you´d like to know that-

Also, I sometimes get deppresed.. Please excuse me for that. I cannot help it. I will let you know when I do not feel like doing something. I may do it later depending on what I´m feeling like. I am also sometimes overly dramatic about situations sometimes. Please excuse me, I will try to work on that a bit more.

Please let me know if I am annoying you with any topic, conversation, or words, I will immediately stop. I am extremely sorry.

An Aquarius, Any pronoun, Not in a relationship, Lesbian.

You may know me for being on the forum pages a whole bunch.. Uh.. I post way too much on those things..

3563-miren-dobhar-chu.png 2855-deluxe-red-panda-roll.png 4441-sprinkle-smorgi.png k.png 3019-love-bug-kitterpillar.png 2649-braided-dumbo-octopus.png sd.png

4865-fuzzy-baby-sealorb.png 5232-glove-of-rock.png 5233-guitar-of-rock.png 641-paintie-ticket.png

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    • that's bEAUTIFul omgshjs

    • Thanks I'm glad you like him I think your Drew is pretty cool too.


    • our rivalry has ended because you no longer have disco cat so i won´t be making kpop cat hehe

      enjoy your moments of not war

    • Thank you for the art!

    • Who did your pfp? it’s so pretty!

    • You're welcome! I can make infinity Shifty potions if I have the ingredients!

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