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User ID: #197151
Username: dubstep_the_ampwave
Gender: Pangender
Last Online: 26 Nov 2020, 1:11 am
Registered: 11 Oct 2020, 3:26 am

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"Hello there!" The redheaded boy waves at you kindly "Well, there must be a reason you're here so make yourself welcome!"


Dr. Plague Marshmallow is RoseGem , he´s a good plague doctor :3

Pikabolt , she´s a good author and a kind person

SageTheAce helped me out a lot! She's there for everyone on the site!

Coyote_luck is one of the kindest furs ive met!

I'm just a pan weebo simp that loves >Kirishima Eijirou<, Gundham. Tanaka, Deidara, Tenya Iida. Dabi My husbandos not yours >:3


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    • okie dokie! Have a good night/day my friend!

    • lol no need to do that friend....ima just go to sleep and probably feel better in the moring.

    • I don't know man......I'm just sad

    • I don't like being heartbroken for the fourth time.

    • H mm... like what s t u f f ?

    • :3

    • Thanks for the kitsoul!

    • Ahhh... Thanks for the stardust kitsoul, man

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