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User ID: #19779
Username: Lakaishia
Gender: Female
Last Online: 17 Jun 2020, 10:15 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 4:54 am

Profile description

I'm just a random little sploop~
I'm currently aiming to get my construction villager to max and have all professions for my faction. I'm also in the market for some stuff to help out my chars.

Currently Buying:
Character profile layouts, must be able to create these from scratch and form them to what I'm looking for.

User Profile layout. Must be able to create this from scratch. Looking to get one themed after one of my demented cities in my stories, Ralishian.

I AM an adult player (18+) for you children on the site. I don't tend to have much patience for people, especially children. If you plan to speak with me, please be respectful and professional. I will do the same, thank you!

Villagers 11

Comments 3

    • yeah I know at this is a bit annoying but what can you do about it

      but I hope at you have a good hiatus dude

    • hmm I see so you just So you only buy my Silver Concoction so you can sell for a higher price
      but it's just good. That is, I can get my goods sold, Thank you ^_^

    • Thank you for adding that extra FC to the trade, you didn't have to do that, but it's certainly appreciated!

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