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User ID: #198738
Username: ManaketeSilver
Gender: Enby - AFAB
Last Online: 25 Nov 2020, 8:00 am
Registered: 5 Nov 2020, 5:54 pm

Profile description

I access Furvilla on my phone and my computer!


I'm new here, I'm also kinda really socially awkward, but I love to make friends, I also really like to rp and draw! I'm also happy to talk, sorry if my responses are slow though

18/Enby AFAB/Fandom trashcan

My wishlist:

Most wanted right now

4-oceandome-house.pngfurdollars.giffurcoins.gif Art

Lower Priority but still wanted

Villagers 11

Comments 31

    • I wish- My parents don't really let me have video games, and I only know Cloud from SSBU

    • Cloud. From Final Fantasy lmao

    • Ooo I wouldn't have guessed. Can you guess who I main? I bet you won't EVER guess.

    • I am curious- who?

      I just said it based off of your forum stuff.

    • yeah. i think i used to be a fan for a few months or so. my parents accidentally got me three houses for Christmas and i just kinda liked the game for some reason. now i dunno why i got into it, that was nothing like me at the time---

    • i remember when i liked fire emblem for some reason---

    • Gods I really want to do Art Trades and Design Trades

    • Hey there! Do you think you would mind transferring the BBCode over to your post in the Garden? This makes it easier for fairies, so we don't have to open 20 tabs. If not, that's fine!

    • cUZmJiW.jpg he.

    • Thanks :)

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