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User ID: #19952
Username: Fumi-LEX
Gender: Female
Last Online: 5 Sep 2017, 5:45 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 5:24 am

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Deviantart | Twitter | Toyhou.se

I don't accept friend requests from strangers, I'm sorry! I'm very shy XwX

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    • Darn, I accidentally sent a friend request while reading your description.

      (Don't take that as yelling, okie? :P)

    • Ah golly don't mention it!!!! All your painties are so great!!

    • ahh, i see!! ;; that sucks oh man; the original looked so cute! and yeah, i know what you mean!! ><;; static looks a bit weird with the site fur as well haha.
      she's still super cute, though! i love how you did her eyes *v*

    • eee thats good!!
      i'm glad that eos ended up getting accepted!! o: did you have to redo her?

    • ahaha how's it going? :>

    • aaa hi, lex!! it's stellamei from dA! * v * / -wavewaves.-

    • Omg thank you so much fumi!! SAME TO YOU I love how Monteux turned out!

    • hey !! your painties are all so adorable aahh im going to cry (especially monteux,, i saw him and i was like HE REMINDS ME OF ICE CREAM ohmygod) oh and i love your regular art as well! :')

    • Pfft. My painties aren't that great. Today was my first try with them actually. I have a pretty cartoony style of art so it was a little difficult to try and do the things more realistically. Like for may I dont usually do hair that detailed and it still looks very cartoony and out of place haha. But thank you very much, do you have any tips perhaps? :0

    • Ah I just found you on someones profile I just added hi! I actually saw your deviation of painties, There all so gorgeous!

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