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Username: StayingBehind
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 5:27 am

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Soran, or Staying /Stay. I'm from FR under the same name.

Tiger Eye Peak dweller, out exploring the lands atm

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    • I am the re-filler of pumpkins! - v -)bb

    • A mixture. The thing I hit you with though that did all the damage was the Feather Necklace. It works well against those that have no lightning resistance.

    • Oh gosh thanks again - do trades require giving something back? :0 It's easier to send a bunch at once but I' m not entirely sure how they work!

    • Thanks for the medicine <3 ;v;

    • I got a snake plush! :O Not magical, but it's cute ahaha. Who knew my first one would be by pickpocketing someone. Living up to my name, finally.

    • Ah! I just missed an event! I think anyway, I happened to click the wrong button by instinct while exploring. Thanks for the link ;v; <3 I should really look at the forums more... If I find any though, I'll send them your way since I have no need for 'em~ C:

    • FS:KLDJ oMG- I choked- but no no I'm good I bought two rocks and happened to get a male and female lmao~! That's so cool that you can run into them and get a plush- I obviously didn't read the whole news upon waking xD I think I might take a vacation there as well!

    • You're going to have to really get going if you want all of those things omg x'D Lucky me, only trying to get a few minipets. Good luck though~ Beat up those monsters! (ò ^ ó))o

    • I hope that's going well for you! I've been too casual with my warrior, I'm so slow C'x Are you aiming for anything special for the event? :0

    • Aha~! I just saw your stuff at the Giving Tree-- '...that name looks familiar- wait-' > o >)

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